Diagnostics can be very annoying and costly, but at GTS we have the most up to date snap-on and Bosch diagnostic equipment to help find the faults and get your car up and running properly again as soon as possible, and more importantly as cost effective as possible. Not all fault finding means you are going to be lumbered with a big bill, so if you have a lack of performance, engine, abs or airbag lights that need sorting out give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Repair Services

At GTS we can maintain and repair all makes and models of vehicles to the highest standards. From flat tyres, diagnostic fault finding, head gaskets and clutches. With the 3 technicians we have in the work shop having a vast amount of experience between them. There is no job too big or small, we are here to carry out whatever needs doing to your vehicle.


Keeping your car serviced and maintained is very important. It is important to choose the right garage with the correct equipment to complete the service properly and also offer a competitive price. At GTS we offer all of these services, we always make sure that we use quality parts and the correct grade of Petronas Engine Oil to prolong the life of your vehicle.

We offer a fixed service schedule for convenience which offers a Bronze, Silver and Gold service, all of which can be seen in our service chart. But if you would like to keep your vehicle serviced as the manufacture specifies we have all the data to offer this service as well.

Changes in the law now state that you no longer have to take your car back to the main dealer for servicing to maintain your warranty. You can take it to a garage of your choice and as long as OE approved parts are used and it is serviced to the manufacturers specification your warranty remains valid.

Tyre Services

GTS stocks a wide range of tyre sizes to fit all makes and models. We are very competitively priced and can supply all types of brands to suit your needs. We also repair punctures as long as they are in the area that is safe and legal to do so.

We are a GT Radial agent so that is the main tyre that we stock, the reason for this is that it enables us to offer an accidental damage warranty for the life of the tyre. This can be caused by un-repairable punctures or damage to the side wall caused by pot holes and other hazards you may come across.

About GT radial
Using the most advanced manufacturing technologies available ensures that the GT Radial product is of the highest standard. Every GT Radial tyre undergoes the most stringent testing to ensure the highest standards of quality are achieved.
In order to guarantee that motorists get the most out of their GT Radial tyres, we are delighted to offer an optional 'Accidental Damage Warranty' with every GT Radial tyre purchased.


Brakes are a very important part in any vehicle, so if you have any doubt about the performance of your brakes don’t hesitate to give us a call. At GTS we use Pagid brake products who are one of the leading manufacturers in the original equipment market of the automotive brake industry. So you can leave with peace of mind that your brakes have been maintained to the highest standards.

Wheel Alignment

If you notice any uneven wear on your tyres don’t hesitate to come in and see us or gives us a call. If your tyres are wearing on the inner or outer edges this is a sign that your tracking may be out. We have the equipment to re align this for you to prolong the life of your tyres. Others factors of uneven tyre wear can be the tyres pressures. Look out for our offers of free wheel alignment checks.


At GTS we stock Bosch car batteries, they come with a 3, 4 or 5 year warranty. Bosch is a high end battery and due to its PowerFrame technology they have a very high starting power and long service life. They are also 100% maintenance free. Although we choose to stock Bosch batteries due to their performance and reliability, we can also supply other brands of batteries, and have them ready to be fitted on the same day you order them. So give us a call on 01747 825479 and we’ll try and find a battery to suit your needs and budget.

Air Conditioning

Most modern cars come as standard with Air Conditioning as standard so at GTS we have fully accredited technicians to service, repair and re-gas your Air conditioning. Most people think that Air Conditioning is only for use in the summer to keep you cold, but actually it can provide warm dehumidified air in the winter which will make demisting your windows a lot easier. Air Conditioning does lower your fuel consumption but not by as much as you may think. Having your window open on a summer’s day, the increase in wind resistance could lower your fuel consumption by up to 10%. So if you feel your Air Conditioning isn’t quite what it used to be, give us a call on 01747 825479.


At GTS we can supply and fit exhausts for all makes and models with most of them being available the same day. We can also supply performance exhausts from milltek.


At GTS we have a welcoming waiting area offering you free Tea or Coffee and the option to watch your MOT being carried out on a TV screen in front of you. The M.O.T is a compulsory annual test that all motor vehicles in the U.K need to have. It is set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards agency (DVSA) and carried out by licensed M.O.T stations. An M.O.T is not an alternative for a service as the M.O.T is only set to the minimum safety standards.

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